The company has carried out intensive brand cultivation and achieved good results in category segmentation, channel sinking, market expansion, and continuous optimization of organization.


Gaopton layout Ka channel, and established a good relationship with industry customers! Green alliance has established its own intellectual property system and implemented many projects. At the same time, it has made a good start in the development of cross category products, enriching the product line and greatly improving the brand competitiveness.


Galpton launched a series of heavy categories such as mobile power supply to complete the optimization and upgrading of existing products; at the same time, it optimized the image of offline distribution stores and accelerated the process of branding.


Galpton has achieved iterative upgrading in product R & D and design, further optimized the supply chain system, and continued to deepen the subdivision of categories.


Great progress has been made in the strategy of global layout and localized operation of gaoputon brand.


Based on the brand of ugreen green alliance, the company has established a global distribution of brands, and has settled in Amazon multinational station, Alibaba express, eBay, wish and other platforms, and its business has expanded to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.


Gaopton develops offline distribution network and forms online and offline multi-channel user coverage.


Guangzhou gaopton communication equipment Co., Ltd. was established. Meanwhile, gaopton brand has entered into the major domestic e-commerce platforms.

Certificate of quality management system certification(1)


Certificate of quality management system certification