Company profile

Guangdong gaoputon Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in July 2020. Its production base is located in Tanzhou town, Zhongshan City, the core plate of Dawan District, and the administrative sales office base is located in the science city of Guangzhou high tech Development Zone. Now, the company is the key support object of technological development funds for national small and medium-sized enterprises for technological innovation and low profit enterprises, In the development of new technologies and new products, it enjoys the support of national R & D funds.

The company always adheres to the brand management concept of "excellence, service and innovation", adheres to the quality management policy of "seeking development by reform and survival by quality", and the service tenet of "using the line with heart and gradually moving away". School enterprise joint training and joint research and development technology achievement sharing platform, The University and enterprise jointly analyze and identify the development risks and opportunities of high-tech product market, guide the enterprise to carry out product transformation and accelerate development; help enterprises to analyze, plan, make decisions, optimize the allocation and management integration of technology, talent, information, management, market and other factors and resources, and ensure that enterprises can avoid possible major risk factors In the key areas of high-tech, we should cultivate a number of high-tech products with real core competitiveness and no market risk.

At present, the company has an office area of 320 square meters; the company's technical service personnel are 135 people with college degree or above; there are 36 professional project engineer titles; with the continuous improvement of enterprise management level, with the development and growth of the enterprise, higher-level management is the most vitality and competitiveness.

In the future, the company will continue to keep up with the pulse of the market. With the spirit of cooperation, pragmatism, high efficiency and responsibility, the company will continue to put 5g wireless routing, wireless Bluetooth headset, intelligent charging, etc Huawei accessories, mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, set-top box accessories, auto parts, home accessories products have made breakthroughs in sales performance, made innovations in new product technology research and development, and made achievements in brand value. Enterprise vision, enterprise mission, enterprise values, social values and incredible medium and long-term development goals have become the key magic weapon to attract talents. The focus of the management of enterprises is to unify the thoughts of the whole staff, so that the values of the employees are consistent with the values advocated by the enterprise.